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  • Weight2 mg

[ES&D Co.,Ltd.]

  • South Korea South Korea
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Zeroclip is an innovatively designed clip replacing all existing methods to bind paper.

Zeroclip does not make holes in paper, so it keeps documents in good condition.

It also does not require any additional tools like slideclips.

Besides, you will not been cumbered by prominent side like binderclips.

Zeroclip binds only the corner of the documents, so its tidy and classy.

Also, it can bind up to 150 sheets of paper as well as few sheets of paper at one time.

Patent has been applied for Zeroclip of ES&D


How to use the eroclip.

Pull up the two springs at an angle of 90 degrees against the triangle paddle.

Lift up the triangle paddle to put the paper in.

Put the paper in the end of the triangle paddle.

Put down the upper triangle paddle and push hard, while put the spring down with your other hand.

Put the other spring down likewise.



Frequent use of the product can weaken the springs power of resilience.

Do not open the spring excessively.

Do not twist or dismantle.

Do not put your hand to the tip of the spring. Otherwise,you may shut your finger in the spring.

Keep this product out of the reach of children.


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