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By using this product you can avoid facing with the phenenomen of shaving off the surface of a plastic ruler when you try to cut paper with an existing cutter, which normally requires using a ruler to remain on the line to be cut, or facing with an unwanted situation that a ruler being used in cutting gets on the top edge of the cutter.

Further, by using this product you no longer requires to use your hand to support a ruler as you do with the existing cutter, so it prevents your hand from sustaining a serious accidental cut fundamentally, thus it’s safe. Besides, except the case where the cutter needs to be used on any place which floor surface is not solid, the blade is always kept imbedded, so there’s no risk of getting hurt at all, and also it can be used by just taking a slightly pushing it down motion without taking any advanced action, it’s safer than any other knives.


With this product, produced as a cutter for scraping of photographic magazines and handcrafting of paper, you can cut papers (Based on A4 paper) 1 up to 6sheets at the same time by apply small adjusting force.

1 sheet of paper (approx. 0.08mm) can be cut, and if you proceed with your cutting pressing it down a little harder, then up to 6 sheets (approx. 0.5mm) can be cut at the same time.

│How to use│

Put the cutter on the side surface of a ruler tightly, having the whole side surface of the cutter correctly touch it closely.
Even pressing it down slightly, it’s cut completely.
Use the side surface of a ruler (If no ruler is available, it’s able to use a sheet of paper with its thickness about same thickness of a name card).

  • Put the ruler correctly and strongly.
  • Put a ruler on the line where you want to start cutting.
  • It’s able to use for cutting that is even not for a straight-line cutting.
  • It’s able to cut 6sheets of A4 sized papers at one time.
  • It’s also very convenient for cutting off the tapes used on the packages delivered by a courier, etc., and also it’s convenient if you use it for opening various letter envelopes.
  • In case of a left-handed person uses the product, just put the blade into the knife glove on the reverse side, then it become a scrap cutter for using by a left-handed person.

[Precautions for using the product]

  • Please do not store it in a place where humidity is high. It may gather rust.
  • When you cut a piece of the blade, insert it deep in to the clip and cut it out.
  • It may happen that a blade won’t be pulled out due to the jamming of two blades in the output. In such a case, press it hard to have all the blades are pushed down, and then push them up again.
  • Please store it out of reach of children.
  • Please do not attempt to disassemble the product by force.


100(long) x 21(width) x 7.4(Height)
112(long) x 17(width) x 8.2(Height)
Orange. White, Green
White, Deep gray



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