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As a product that is equipped with the function that has been substantially improved those of existing scissors used for cutting paper, and also it’s being designed to cut paper softly with the round shaped-blade rotating by just making progress towards the direction you want to cut, which is completely differentiated from the cutting method of a pair of scissors. In addition, because it’s able to change the cutting direction quite freely while cutting is being done, it’s an ideal product to be used for paper handcrafting by children, office work and scrapping.


As the handle doesn’t need to repeat the action of closing up and spreading, and also not required to open it more than the thickness of the paper to be cut while the entire blade is completely imbedded except the spot through which you can see the cutting portion, and for this reason, there’s no risk of getting your hand injured, such as cutting or pricking, etc. those apt to happen when you use a scissors or alike, therefore, this cutter is safe.

In addition, it’s the product showing innovative advantages facilitating easy use by a left-handed person without any inconvenience at all.

│How to use│

  1. Following the line you want to cut with the portion open of your cutter blade, proceed with your cutting slowly.
  2. It enables you to hold the paper most closely to the portion you want to cut.
  3. Not by pushing your cutter, but by pulling the paper you are holding, you can perform your cutting work more delicately with adjusting the direction of the cut, and you can use it in such a way that your hands are coordinated each other smoothly.
  4. Instead of having the paper and the cutter meet at right angle, till the side of the cutter slightly towards the direction where you can see the blade better, and use it. This way you can have excellent cutting force.
  • Hold the handle of the cutter softly, and insert the paper to be cut in to the gap of the round-shaped blade.
  • In case you feel something like the paper is being stuck, don’t try to push it forcibly but put it back slightly, and if you proceed again, then it can be cut smoothly.
  • The enclosed multiple type-cutter, combined with a curved line and straight line cutters, has been designed for performing more delicate works conveniently.
  • A left-handed person does a cutting work holding the cutter with his or her left hand and uses the cutter moving a paper with his or her right hand, but only if the visual field of the point where the knife is moving correctly, the left-handed person can achieve the same result as that of the right-handed person.
  • For replacing the cutter, just holding the head position firmly, pull it out.


110(long) x 43(width) x 7(Height)
Orange, White, Green



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